Curriculum Vitae.

Malcolm Philip Isadore WELLER.

Nationality. British.

Emeritus Consultant Psychiatrist at Barnet, Enfield and Haringey NHS Mental Health Trust

Honorary Research Professor in Psychological Medicine, Middlesex

Visiting Fellow, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University

Previously lecturer and first assistant Charing Cross Hospital
School of Medicine 1976-81.


B.A. Cambridge University, (Experimental Psychology) 1955.

M.A. Cambridge University 1958.

M.B. B.S. University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1972.

Fellow Royal College of Psychiatrists (F.R.C.Psych.) 1987 (Member

Fellow British Psychological Society 1986 (FBPsS) (Member 1958,
Associate Fellow 1979).

Honorary Fellow Collegium Internationale Neuropsychopharmacologicum
(Hon. FCINP) 2007

International Fellow American Psychiatric Association (FAPA) 2013

Chartered Psychologist (Neuropsychology Section)


Medical student elective period scholarship, Mental Health
Foundation, 1969.

Wilfred Kingdom Prize in Psychological Medicine, Newcastle
University 1971.

Ver Heyden de Lancey Postgraduate Prize, Cambridge University 1984 and 1986.

Adviser and participant in BBC radio feature: Breakdown, Italia
prize 1986.

British Council Travel Award 1987.

Lifetime achievement Fellow of the Collegium Internationale
Neuropsychopharmacologicum (CINP) 2009.

Lawyers Monthly: Expert Witness Award 2018 in Psychiatry.

Lawyer International - Global Awards - 2019 Leading Expert of the Year.

Other Learned Societies

Founder Member British Psychopharmacology Society.

Elected Member New York Academy of Sciences (Psychology section).

International Fellow American Psychiatric Association.

Emeritus Member American Association for the Advancement of

Invited Fellow of Royal Society of Arts.

Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (Council Member Psychiatry Section).

Member British Neuropsychiatry Association.

Neuropsychiatry and Academic Faculties of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
(Executive Committee Member).


Mental Health Research Fund
Scottish Affairs Office.

Journal Referee

British Journal of Psychiatry
British Medical Journal
Medicine, Science and the Law
Psychiatric Research
Forensic Psychiatry
Psychosomatic Medicine
Geriatric Psychiatry
European Journal of Speech and Communication
Which (Health Suppl.)
Member Editorial Board, British Journal of Medical Practitioners

Referee Medical publishing houses
Churchill Livingstone,
W B Saunders.

Invited advisor to the Law Commission, on their Consultation

      Mentally incapacitated adults and decision-making: medical
      treatment and research, Consultation Paper no. 130

      Common and Public Law: liability for psychiatric illness:
      Consultation Paper no. 137.

      Criminal Liability: Insanity and Automatism Discussion Paper
      July 2013


Teaching video tapes prepared for use by the W.H.O. for the
Present State Examination and the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale.

Author of a modification of the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale as
used by W.H.O.

Elected to the New York Academy of Science (Psychology Section)

Co-ordinator and fundholder, joint research, Neurosciences unit, Hadassah Hospital.
The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1985-1989.

External examiner for the Master in Medicine (Psychiatry) degree
National University of Singapore 1987 and 1988, as representative of
Royal College of Psychiatrists, and invited course tutor and lecturer 1989 ,

Member Organising Committee International Meeting on Myth and
Fable, Hungary 1992.

Member of the Scientific Committee, European Association for the
History of Psychiatry.

Invited Foreign Lectures

Jerusalem Mental Health Centre. Cognitive and Sensory Defects in
Schizophrenia. Nov. 1985

Tel-Aviv Mental Health Centre, Beer Y'acov 9th February and
Hadassah Hospital Medical School, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
24th Feb. 1986 The ethology of depression.

University of the Negev (Beersheba) Laterality and schizophrenia

Medical Society of Singapore, Chapter of Psychiatry, 11th July
1989. Aggression, Depression and Territory.

Lisbon: Hospitais Psiquiatricos, que Futuro? (In: Revista de
Psiquiatrica, 1989, 1(4): 191-202.)

Paris: Prise en charge des malades mentaux: L'experience
Britanique. (In: Quels Herbergements Therapeutique en Europe.
Eres, Toulouse, 1992.)

Eugen Bleuler a man of our time. Lisbon January 2005

Plus presentations to Medical Bodies in Stockholm, Vienna,
Barcelona, Lisbon, Switzerland, Holland, etc., see below.

Administrative Activities (Past and Present)

Long-standing Chairman London Psychiatric Committee,
previous Chairman of Merit Awards and Conference committees.

Council Member and Prize Adjudicator,
Royal Society of Medicine and representative to NICE 2006-1010.

Co-opted member Royal College Thames Division Executive

Chairman CONCERN, 1989 to 1999

Chairman W. Haringey Division of Psychiatry, 1981- 1985,

Chairman joint Divisions of E. and W. Haringey Psychiatry 1992-

Vice Chairman (1984-1993) BMA N.E. Thames Regional Committee for
Hospital Medical Services, now Consultants and Specialists

Member of National Counselling Service for Sick Doctors.

Honorary Medical Adviser to National Schizophrenia Fellowship
(also conference organiser and founder member of Parliamentary

Recent Executive Member Royal College of Psychiatrists: Neuropsychiatry and Academic Faculties;
Previous General Adult Psychiatry; Social, Community and Rehabilitation Sections,
(author report on training); Co-opted member Pharmacology
Committee (author report on education); Member of joint committee
Royal College of Psychiatrists and British Psychological Society.
Ex officio East Anglian Divisional Committee.

Member of the Central Committee of the BMA

Chairman Joint Thames Psychiatric Chairmen and Executive


Initiated and administered M.R.C. Psych. Course (Behavioural
Sciences) for joint Medical Research Fund and 3 Teaching
Hospitals, under the auspices of the British Postgraduate Medical
Federation (London University).

Royal College of Psychiatrists Conference Organiser
Northwick Park, St. Mary's, Middlesex and
Charing Cross Medical Schools 1976-1981,

Co-opted member Board of Studies in Psychology, London
University (1976 to 1998).

Member of the Higher Degrees Sub-Committee (1976 to 1998).
External examiner Manchester University and National University
of Singapore as representative of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Previous member Standing Committee Board of Studies in Medicine,
London University 1981 - 1984.

Representative of the Board of Studies in Medicine to the special
advisory committee on Human Communication and Speech Sciences.
1984 - 1996.

Examination Committee London University 1992-1999.

Previous Examination Officer Royal Society of Medicine (2006-2010).

Member of the standing committee of the University Teachers of
Psychiatry (1977 to 2000).

Co-author of Association of University Teachers of Psychiatry
report on the teaching of Behavioural Sciences, adopted by Royal
College of Psychiatrists 1982.

Convener of University Teachers of Psychiatry working party:
Teaching psychology to trainee psychiatrists: principal author of
subsequent report.

Convener working party of Pharmacology Committee, Royal College
of Psychiatrists, Teaching pharmacology to trainee psychiatrists.
Principle author of subsequent report.

Visiting Fellow, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University



Dimensions of Community Care ed. M.P.I. Weller and M. Muijen,
Bailliere Tindall, London 1993.

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London, 1990.

M.P.I. Weller and D. van Kammen. Recent Advances in Clinical
Psychiatry, 1997 Bailliere Tindal, London.

Editor in Chief, Bailliere's Clinical Psychiatry series

      Genetics of Mental Disorder. vols. I and II

      Epidemiological Psychiatry.

      Hypnotics and Anxiolytics.

      Pharmacological Management of Chronic Psychiatric Disorders

      Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

      Drugs of Abuse

      Psychiatric Issues in Women

      Sexual Dysfunction

      Eating Disorders

      Psychosocial aspects of chronic fatigue syndrome


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Arranged 2 joint meetings on head injury on behalf of the Neurosciences
and Psychiatric Sections of the Royal Soc of Medicine and the Medicolegal
Society; spoke at first on 21 May 2009 and chaired 2nd meeting on 26 Nov. 2009.

Joint organiser and Chair Royal Soc. Medicine with Medicolegal Soc.;
Consent, Capacity and the Law in Clinical Psychiatric Practice, 8 May 2012.

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Faculty 11 Sept 2015

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and legal controversies 14 March 2017 at the Royal Society of Medicine


Occasional advisor on Mental Health issues to BBC, ITV, Which
(Health) and Times and Guardian newspapers. Discussant on
psychiatric topics on radio and television news and features
programmes including BBC World Service, Horizon, Panorama,
Newsnight, 60 Minutes, Nationwide, Medicine Now, The Way It Is:
Breakdown (Italia prize), Getting On, Insiders, Italy's Mad
Laws?, Community Care, Kilroy, Blacks Cracking Up?, Diverse
Reports, Day to Day, World at One, Breakfast T.V., Mental Health,
News Talk, Current Affairs, Morning Report, Richard Littlejohn
programme, Thames Reports, Sky News, BBC pm, ITV teletext,
Network SE, National and London Weekend News, Greater London
Radio and foreign and regional radio programmes.

Entries in: International Who's Who; Who's Who in the World;
Debrett's People of Today, Men of Distinction, Who's Who in
Medicine, and Cambridge Blue Book.


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